FAQs about the House of Wellness Fitness Center

Do you offer guest passes to the public? Yes the facility is open to the public seven days a week.

Can I upgrade my membership from a single to couple? Yes, you can always upgrade your membership at anytime, but you can not downgrade a membership.

What kind of guidelines for exercise does the facility follow? The House of Wellness follows the National Academy of Sports Medicine

Can someone teach me how to use the equipment? Our staff would be happy to teach and give recommendations to you on what equipment to use.

What do I need to bring to the club to work out? We do have some general guidelines on what clothing attire is required, but it is highly recommended to bring a water bottle for hydration.

What kinds of classes are right for me? Let one of our Fitness Specialists give you some helpful tips when you complete your fitness assessment.

What does the Fitness Assessment entail? A series of tests that helps the Fitness Specialist determine your physical fitness level that aids in developing a personalized program.

I have never taken group exercise before, how do I get started? Please show up 5 minutes ahead of the starting time to allow for the instructor to assist you.

Do you offer personal training? Yes we do offer personal training to members.

How long is a session with the trainer? 60 minutes

How long is the lap pool? 25 meters

What is the tempature of the pools? Lap Pool – 83 degrees Therapy Pool – 95 degrees Kiddie Pool – 85 degrees Whirlpool – 102 degrees

Do you have equipment for therapy in the aquatic area? Yes we have a variety of equipment to assist you with your needs.

Do you have a chairlift to get into the pools? A chairlift is available for our patrons to utilitize for the lap pool.  Therapy pool is accessible by a gentle walkin ramp or use of our water wheelchair.

Do you use chlorine or bromine to disinfect the pools? We use chlorine as our primary disinfectant.

Why do you close the pools on Wednesday’s? This allows the facility to change our whirlpool water every week and add any extra necessary chemicals.

 When do you close the pools for annual cleaning? Our annual cleaning usually happens in the last week of August to the first weekn in September.

Do you extend the membership for members that have the Spirit membership type? We generally do not extend the membership unless the facility is closed longer than the two and half weeks.

What tempature do you keep the steam room or sauna? Steam room is a constant 107 degrees and the dry sauna is timed tempature which is adjustable to suit our members needs.

Do I need to bring a lock to secure my belongings when I workout? Yes, we do have locks available at the security desk, but we encourage members to bring their own lock.

Do I need to scan out when I leave the facility? No you do not need to scan your card when you leave, but we do ask you to sign out at the Member and Guest Registration Desk.

When do you have fire or tornado drills? Throughout the course of the year we have four drills which can happen at anytime.

How do I know the facilty is closed due to inclimate weather? We encourage our members to like our Facebook page and to listen to B102, WRPQ 99.7 OR Mix 106.9.

Do I need to bring my own equipment when I want to play basketball or racquetball? You do not need to bring your own equipment, but you can if you like.

Can I freeze my membership for vacation or medical issues? Yes, ONLY ON ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPS. If you have an annual membership, you can freeze your membership up to three months if your account is in good standing, but you need to submit your freeze form prior to the requested freeze date. 

  • Hours of Operation (Effective January 2021)

    The following hours of operation are in effect January 2021 until further notice

    Mon-Thurs:  630am – 130pm
    Friday: CLOSED
    Saturday: CLOSED
    Sunday: CLOSED






    Reservations are required.

    1 hour maximum/member/day.

    Masks are to be worn at all times.

    Bring your own towel & water bottle.

    No Group Exercise Classes at this time.

    No new membership sales at this time.

  • Contact Us

    S2845 White Eagle Road
    Baraboo, WI 53913

    For Fitness Center ext. 5506 or 5517
    For Child Care ext. 5572

    888-560-4616 Ext. 5506